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    This is me, Nina, with my husband Terry and my 2 sons Jared and Joseph.

    I would consider myself as a home girl at heart, and enjoy spending time with my family and close friends.

    Here are my 3 main passions; 


    My enjoyment for travelling started as a child with family holidays in Europe with some good memories in the south of France with my Mum, Dad and 2 sisters.

    But my passion for travelling started after meeting my future husband Terry who is originally from Malaysia. When I went with him for the first time to Malaysia at age 19 was when I discovered it's a big wide world out there full of different cultures, scenery, food etc and one that I wish to explore.

    In my early 20s Terry and I lived in Malaysia for a little while where we travelled to many countries in the far east which was amazing.

    Even though we are a well-travelled family there are still so many more places we can't wait to go and discover.


    Having been a vegetarian since a very young age of 3 years old, with my parents telling me that I was a very strong-willed, stubborn child refusing to eat meat and fish after finding out meat was from animals, I grew up always aware of what I was eating and where it was from.

    Now in my early 40s I am passionate about nutrition and food and follow a whole food plant-based diet (vegan) and enjoy trying out new recipes on my family, some going down well at meal times and some well let's say not so well.

    We are a very diverse family when it comes to food in our house, with Terry being brought up in Malaysia loving his childhood local street food and eating anything from meat to seafood to hot chilli. Jared taking after his Dad more than myself but does have a few limitations and Joseph being in between myself and his Dad.

    As you can imagine meal times in our house are Fun!

    Health and Fitness

    I would say my 3rd passion is health and fitness, as I have always enjoyed keeping fit and I'm a very active person that struggles to sit still.

    I used to enjoy running and going to the gym, but after a recent back injury in 2016 where my life was on hold for a year or two, I have now discovered a passion for walking. I love nothing more than putting on my walking boots and going off for miles over the countryside near my home usually with my best friend or sometimes my Dad where we have a giggle along the way.

    Walking is also a great exercise for your wellbeing and mind.

    For my back recovery I had to start with gentle swimming as I couldn't walk at first, but swimming was an amazing way to relieve the pain and really helped me. I am now trying to keep up with the swimming when I have time as it's a fantastic way to keep fit and it really helps my back.